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Recently Published . . .
Enabling Dialogue about the Land

A Resource Book for Jews and Christians

Edited by Philip A. Cunningham, Ruth Langer, and Jesper Svartvik. Published by Paulist Press, 2020

This book is the fruit of several years of study by a team of Jewish and Christian scholars looking at the question of the Land. “While not intending to ‘solve’ the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Enabling Dialogue encourages interreligious conversation that moves away from endless disputes over policies toward engaging with differences as a path toward constructive understanding.”

Recently Launched . . .
Bat Kol International


Bat Kol International is an online networking initiative for Christians who have studied at Bat Kol Institute in Jerusalem and who continue to commit to Torah, Jewish studies and Jewish-Christian dialogue in their respective home countries.

Founded by Sr Maureena Fritz, Bat Kol Institute, for 35 years, brought Christians to Jerusalem to study Torah within its Jewish milieu, using Jewish sources, guided by Jewish and Christian teachers. Its study programs are now administered by the Brothers of Sion as part of the Institute Saint Pierre de Sion-Ratisbonne / Bat Kol-Christian Center for Jewish Studies

Bat Kol International is a further initiative to network past students and encourage their grassroots initiatives in their home countries.