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Webinar: Difficult Texts in Matthew's Gospel

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Difficult Texts Regarding “The Jews” in Matthew’s Gospel:

A Socio-Political Framework

Online Webinar from Sisters of Our Lady of Sion Australia

This presentation explores the text known as the “blood curse” of Matthew’s Gospel (27:25) which has so often been misused over the centuries, causing harm to Jewish people.

This is an opportunity to gain insight into the text drawing on sound Christian biblical scholarship in a post-Nostra Aetate context that fosters respectful relations between Christians and Jews.

The presenter is Sr Celia Deutsch NDS, a sister of Our Lady of Sion and renowned biblical scholar and educator, currently Research Scholar in the Religion Department at Barnard College/Columbia University. An insightful response to her presentation is provided by Fr Chris Monaghan CP, President and Lecturer at Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne.

The webinar will be of interest to teachers, pastoral associates and all lovers of the Word.

Hosted by: Jewish-Christian Relations Team, Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, Australia, with support from Garratt Publishing.

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